Grow Your Career as a Strategic Coordination Leader: A Master Class

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One of the most valuable things any construction firm can do is to digitize coordination. In fact, research by Stanford University found that clash detection done in BIM saves up to 10% of contract value and results in a 7% reduction in total project time compared to traditional model coordination workflows.

Despite this, those who are adopting coordination technologies are still managing processes in the same way today as they did a decade ago, before the cloud transformed how teams work. Using modern construction technology can also keep teams connected and facilitate better collaboration and coordination earlier in the process, particularly during design and construction. 

In order to get the most out of your coordination process, it helps to understand tactics to encourage adoption and collaboration of technology within your teams. 

This is where our new Master Class series comes in. Out new series offers strategies from experts to help you level up and become a leader in your career. The Coordination Master Class is particularly useful for BIM/VDC managers and coordinators who are leading and supporting the implementation of BIM and Virtual Design and Construction.


What You’ll Learn

As a BIM/VDC Manager, a major part of your role is to optimize processes that can contribute up to 10% of the contract value and to champion improved workflows and technology in your organization. You’re tasked with empowering the rest of the team to adopt tools and practices that’ll make their lives easier and improve project outcomes. 

While that can be a little scary and a big expansion of responsibility, it also puts you in a position to expand the impact of your BIM/VDC practice at your company – and to improve key core processes like coordination.

This Master Class will help you succeed and thrive in your role. It will cover:

  • How a change in mindset, enabled by BIM technology, can encourage the entire project team to coordinate better. We’ll also discuss why and how design and trade partners can self-check their own models along the way to reduce rework costs, speeding up the review process for better project delivery timelines, and enabling you to get on site sooner.
  • How you can reduce the time spent on manual coordination tasks by implementing strategies that lead to highly effective coordination meetings, more resolved issues before you reach site, and freeing up your time for other high value tasks to improve the project.
  • The benefits you can gain from having a continuous, accountable, and streamlined coordination process.

Key Takeaways from Autodesk’s Construction Coordination Master Class

Attend this Master Class to level up in your role as BIM/VDC manager or coordinator. Here are some key takeaways you can expect from the session. 

Promote Stronger Team Collaboration 

Discover how you can empower teams to run their own clash tests, solve quick win issues prior to the coordination meeting, and ensure project files are up-to-date and aligned. Enable stakeholders to get their hands on the data they need through automatic reporting and self-serve dashboards. 

By giving teams the ability and confidence to implement technology, you can spend less time on manual coordination and free up the energy for high value strategic tasks, as well as planning for better information management, working through the most complex escalations and finding the best solutions for all teams.

Empower Teams to Take Ownership

It’s much more effective when trades and design teams take ownership of their own coordination. This Master Class will shed light on how inclusive technology can change the mindset of even the most reluctant teams to take ownership of coordinated design.

Make Change Management Easier

Often, the biggest challenge to a change in process is assembling and onboarding a team, especially to a new technology. Change management becomes a key part of your everyday role as you look to persuade design teams, trades, management, and owners. 

This Master Class will offer strategies on how you can rally everyone around new processes and sell technology to them. 

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Implementing modern construction coordination processes is one of the key goals of any BIM/VDC manager or coordinator. Watch this Master Class to learn exactly how you can encourage technology adoption and empower teams to adopt and get the most out of modern tools and processes. 

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Lee Mullin

Technical Program Manager, Autodesk