Construction Confessional Episode 2: 2021

construction confessional episode 2 2021

Behind every construction project are incredible people — working tirelessly to deliver the buildings and structures we cherish and rely on. Construction Confessional is a candid video series celebrating the people in construction. In each episode, we get an inside look at the people behind construction as they share their stories, triumphs, and struggles. Last week we saw how Makayla Oei, a project executive at Mark III Construction, and Gilbert Garcia, a VDC engineer for Turner Construction Company are staying resilient throughout COVID. Today, we hear about their predictions for 2021, what they’re excited about in the coming year, and their favorite tool. 



What are your predictions for 2021?

Gilbert: I believe that 2021 is going to be an interesting year for everybody, because of the way that we have adapted to working now, where a lot of people don't have to be in the office. Nowadays it's like, what if I don't have a commute? Do I really need a car? I can get my groceries delivered. I can get my food delivered. Do I really need to go anywhere? 

Makayla: Oh my gosh. Do I have any predictions for 2021? Geez. I predict, I don't know if it's a prediction or a hope or I know how it couldn't be better than 2020. I would say that prediction. I don't that's a... Do you? What would yours be?

What are you excited about for 2021?

Makayla: Oh, being able to vacation. Take a vacation would be cool. Eat at a restaurant. Work-related, finish this Sutter project ahead of schedule and on budget and repeat work with that owner. Continuing our manufacturing efforts and looking at how we can manufacture for construction rather than build a construction. Yeah. And learn the piano.

Gilbert: I am excited with all those new Autodesk products I'm hearing about, the whole 360 docs integration with the coordination module and how that all works. That's one step closer to getting the design team and the construction team all on the same page. I just want that one model. That and I'm also looking forward to see what Boston Dynamics is going to be doing with their robots. Right?

What’s your favorite tool?

Gilbert: It's like a multi-tool. Got a little carabiner, it folds out into a... Oh, Bob Ross is messing it up. So it's come in handy for a couple of times. Don't bring it to a stadium event though, because they'll consider it a weapon.

Makayla: My favorite tool. So this is an interesting... I don't use a lot of tools I guess, because I'm not in the field. But I would say my favorite tool is my iPad. It never leaves my side. I absolutely love it. Whether it be note-taking, using PlanGrid, checking emails, even though I don't think it's the best, they could improve on their email. But other than that, my iPad is my favorite tool.

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Christina Hu

Christina Hu was a copywriter at Autodesk Construction Solutions.