Connected Construction Is The Interoperability Between Solutions

Construction projects have many moving parts, and managing all those different elements is crucial for project success. One wrong piece of information can create a snowball effect and potentially lead to project teams building off the wrong set of plans resulting in schedule delays, cost overruns, and a loss in morale.

One way to ensure that teams are coordinated and working off the latest data set is connected construction. By connecting and integrating workflows and data, information flows seamlessly from one system to the next, ensuring collaboration across stakeholders. At its core, connected construction connects teams, processes, and information from start to finish across the project’s lifecycle.

To better understand how our customers define connected construction and the value of integrated workflows, we asked, “what does connected construction mean to you?” The following response is from Matt Lamb, Chief Information Officer at Rosendin Electric.


[Video Transcript]

Technology has really enabled the industry to design and build a lot faster. With the evolution of BIM and doing clash detection and 3D modeling, and really getting the opportunity to see things ahead of time, before you do construction, we're able to eliminate a lot of rework. 

I think one of the biggest things in the industry that has become less of a challenge for us is working with documents and drawings. They've gone from complicated, cumbersome paper drawing sets to now being digitized and highly mobile.

Connected Construction is really kind of a broad statement, cause all the different applications are connected, but it's also the people who are all connected, from the trade contractors up through the GCs, to the owners and the design team. We're all able to talk in the same language with a lot of the same platforms.

We have a lot of different tools out there. So the more we can get these solutions to work and talk together, everyone's going to benefit and the industry will be far more successful.

Lauren Ginsberg

Construction Content Marketing Manager, Autodesk Construction Solutions