How Connected Construction Will Solve Productivity Loss

Construction projects have many moving parts, and managing all those different elements is crucial for project success. One wrong piece of information can create a snowball effect and potentially lead to project teams building off the wrong set of plans resulting in schedule delays, cost overruns, and a loss in morale.

One way to ensure that teams are coordinated and working off the latest data set is connected construction. By connecting and integrating workflows and data, information flows seamlessly from one system to the next, ensuring collaboration across stakeholders. At its core, connected construction connects teams, processes, and information from start to finish across the project’s lifecycle.

To better understand how our customers define connected construction and the value of integrated workflows, we asked, “what does connected construction mean to you?” The following response is from Clifton Cole, Virtual Design and Construction Director at the PENTA Building Group.


[Video Transcript]

My name is Clifton Cole. My title is Virtual Design and Construction Director and I work for the PENTA Building Group.

One of the things that are critical in our industry is getting the information to the people that need it the most. Starting from the conceptual phase to closeout. Making sure that we have the right information in a timely manner to the right people is absolutely a challenge. 

In our industry, we do have a productivity problem that we have to improve. And most of the productivity loss comes from the lack of information or incorrect information and that causes rework, which rework causes schedule delays, and schedule delays cause cost impacts.

Connected Construction will provide value in increased productivity across the board in every single person in every single team member from the design team, to the engineering team, to the construction team, to the owner. 

Autodesk Construction Cloud enables connected construction by providing a single platform that provides different modules for different people and regardless of whether you’re in the field, in the office, or traveling between jobsites, you’re connected between people inside your company and outside your company. It truly provides an inclusive workflow that allows individuals, regardless of where they're at to have the same information and have the most accurate information.

It's really making sure that we have standardization and the right solutions is absolutely a vital tool to help us be more productive in our industry. 

Lauren Ginsberg

Construction Content Marketing Manager, Autodesk Construction Solutions