CDL is the first property developer in Asia to implement IDD CDE through partnership with Autodesk

The commercial development sector is no stranger to challenges. Lack of integration and data silos often hinder effective project management from design to construction and handover. The current climate of rising costs and labour shortages are also creating a perfect storm of uncertainty as the industry prepares for what’s next.

According to studies, organisations that implement digital technology are more resilient and better equipped to respond to these challenges and future unexpected events. Construction businesses that embrace digital transformation – featuring the adoption of an effective data strategy, a Common Data Environment (CDE) and integrated cloud-based project management software – will gain a vital competitive advantage.

One such organisation standing head and shoulders above the rest is City Developments Limited (CDL). They’re working hard to drive sustainable performance and resource efficiency at their sites. CDL has embraced enterprise development initiatives such as the broad-based implementation of BCA’s Integrated Digital Delivery (IDD) framework and encouraged its usage within its supply chain of service providers.

To achieve this, CDL has adopted Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC) to build a common data environment and single source of truth.

“Our Central Mall and Central Square redevelopment projects, in collaboration with Autodesk and BIMAGE, will implement a developer-hosted Common Data Environment (CDE), supporting essential IDD processes. This pioneering initiative utilising ACC will mark the first-of-its-kind in Asia by a property developer and the opportunity to streamline workflows and enhance collaboration across the entire supply chain on a single platform,” said Ms Lee Mei Ling, Head of Property Development at CDL. 

CDL also acknowledges the increasing importance of data management practices in the built industry, especially for digital assets from design to construction and for ongoing preventive and operational maintenance efforts.

Ms Lee added, “We also require an approach to comply with ISO 19650 standards while streamlining our documentation processes, reducing manual efforts, and ensuring the accuracy and accessibility of project information. This improved data integrity throughout the project lifecycle will make it more predictable, safe, and sustainable. Adopting digitalisation initiatives will also reduce carbon footprint by streamlining processes such as printing project documentation.” 

Autodesk highly values and looks forward to a long-term partnership with CDL and BIMAGE to standardise their processes, from design to construction and facility management. “We believe our best-of-breed solutions, from design to construction and handover, will enable the built environment to be far more productive, sharing the same vision with BCA, who established the progressive IDD framework. In the future, we will look back at this partnership with CDL as a defining moment in history,”said Mr Jeff Larrick, Senior Director of APAC Construction Sales at Autodesk.