6 New BIM 360 Updates to Kick Off Your Year 

updates for Bim 360 2021

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At Autodesk, our product teams are always looking for new ways to enhance our construction software to bring even more value and benefits to our customers. To start the new year off on the right foot, we are excited to announce six new updates for BIM 360. From new features to checklists to added functionalities for cost management, read below to learn what’s new for BIM 360.   

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Scheduling Data Connector Reports 

Coming soon, users will be able to schedule Data Connector reports on a weekly or monthly cadence, automating the process and saving time. Users can configure their schedule by selecting week or month cadence, day of week, time of day, and start and end dates.  

Default Assignee for Checklists 

Some checklists are always assigned to the same people. Our new time saving feature will be released in February and will allow users to setup default assignees on checklist templates – both on checklist level and section level. This way, if there’s a default assignee set up, a newly created checklist will automatically be assigned to them. 

Checklists Signatures on Web 

Checklists often require multiple signatures before they can be submitted. Signing checklists has been easy via BIM 360's mobile app. Now, we are making it available from a desktop as well. Starting in February, users will also be able to add their signatures via the web version, making submitting checklists easier and faster. 

Budget to Contracts: Many to Many 

New functionality will be released this week that provides additional flexibility when linking budgets and contracts in Cost Management. The release will add the ability for BIM 360 Cost users to link multiple contracts to a budget line item as well as multiple budget line items to a single contract. 

Method Related Costs: Phase 1 Planning 

New functionality will be released this week allowing users to plan allowances, such as General Conditions, in a visual way. With this BIM 360 Cost release, users will be able to add in key schedule references and budget line items and view both as a Gantt chart. For the budget items, users will be able to customize the duration of time and the ratio of time charged to the project and add in unit costs to visually plan their budgets. 

Reports Custom Columns 

New functionality will be released in BIM 360 Cost that provides further customization of budget reports. With this release, users will be able to select which columns and what order they appear in exported budget summary pdf and reports. 

Stay in the Know 

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