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autodesk champion program

Are you a diehard fan of Autodesk Construction Cloud products like Assemble, BIM 360, BuildingConnected, or PlanGrid? Do you eat, sleep, and breathe construction project management tools?

Whether you’re Autodesk Construction Cloud’s #1 fan or have had a few positive experiences you’re willing to share with a broader community, you could be a perfect fit for our Autodesk Construction Champion Program.

The program recognizes customers like you for pioneering construction technology, demonstrating exceptional leadership, and advancing the industry forward. Champions benefit from increased recognition and have the opportunity to enhance their relationship with Autodesk leadership. Members can also take part in a range of activities that tell their story and provide positive exposure for their success. 

Meet one of our champions:

How does it work?

Simple–fill out a form here:

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Signing up is easy! You can specify which activities you’d like to partake in and how often you want to be contacted with opportunities. We will contact you when an opportunity arises and schedule a call to discuss.

What’s in it for me?

Why become an Autodesk Construction Champion? There are many benefits to joining the program including:

  • Advance your career by being in the spotlight as an industry pioneer
  • Become a thought leader by lending your voice and experiences 
  • Connect and network with like-minded individuals 
  • Show off your work to celebrate you career and team by participating in our global customer award programs
  • Forge deeper relationships with Autodesk leadership and our product development organization
  • Join the conversation with other Autodesk customers to transform the construction industry

Join the Champion Program

See Our Current Autodesk Construction Champions

Who are our champions? While our champions come from a diverse range of roles and career experiences, they do have one thing in common; they are passionate about advancing the construction industry forward through innovation. Check out a few of our current champions, below:

KimArrant_DSC_2643_lrcc“It’s amazing what technology can enable and the power that it brings. I think the real shift that we’ve seen is that over the past several years, technology has gone from trying to capture information to better manage a job, to capturing information to better plan and implement the job.

That’s what’s exciting right now, and that’s where APTIM is pushing in from a differentiation perspective. Our focus is on the people in the field, turning the wrench, and making the money. What do they need? How can we best support them for their success? This is a major focus because their success equals our success.” - Kim Arrant, the Vice President of Business of Transformation at APTIM

Top Construction Influencers“We got into Bid Board Pro because our CEO wanted to be able to see our trends with any particular customer. You can get a general trend if you go back and look at a customer and see you have 100 budgets for this company and not won one single project in five years. You can ask, ‘Is there somebody that we need to call, or do we just need to focus our efforts elsewhere?’

That’s the type of information that we didn’t really have the ability to get before. It’s not that we get in and we say, “We have a 4.4% chance of winning a project with this customer,” but it’s more of, “We’ve got a great historical relationship with this team. Here’s the data that shows you. Here are all the projects we’ve built. Here’s how those projects did financially.” It just kind of helps infer our business strategy more than anything else.” - Justin Davis, Executive Vice President of Preconstruction, Estimating, and Business Development at Walker Engineering

“In the field, we use PlanGrid for document control and field reports. The software offers document control by linking RFIs to sheets. The assistance in field reporting has proved invaluable—everyone is able to report on the same document reduces confusion and streamlines the construction process.

If I had PlanGrid in the early days, I would have avoided endless papercuts and would have been able to squeeze infinitely more lemons and limes in my 20’s. Needless to say, it’s added so much value I can’t help but wish PlanGrid existed a decade earlier!” - Makayla Oei, Project Executive at Mark III Construction

“Connected Construction is going to have a huge potential because with the new era of machine learning and artificial intelligence, without quality data we would not be able to use it for business intelligence, or data analytics, or machine learning.

If we want the get the construction industry to move more toward advanced technology and catch up with other industries, like manufacturing, we need to make sure that we can connect all the workflows and at the end of the day, have a good consolidated set of data to build up our business intelligence.” - Hung Nguyen, Senior Virtual Design Construction Process Manager at Herrero Builders

Alyssa Jaber

As Manager of Customer Marketing at Autodesk, Alyssa Jaber has been partnering with Autodesk customers in the construction space for 5+ years to build their brands and powerfully tell their stories. Alyssa is a human-first leader who supports a team of talented individuals who always put the customer experience first.