Autodesk Build Gets 25+ Product Updates, Features, and Enhancements

Autodesk Build Gets 25+ Product Updates, Features, and Enhancements

See the latest updates to Autodesk Build

Over 25 new updates, features and enhancements to Autodesk Build were just released. All of which are geared towards helping you better connect your teams, data and processes. Check out the latest Autodesk Build releases below.

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  • Document Management Releases
    • Files
      • Access to project files on mobile
      • Landing page for files public link
      • Search and filter by review workflow status*
    • Reviews
      • Add workflow bar to review detail page
      • Export log of reviews
      • Save unfinished workflows as drafts
    • Markups | Filtering on web
  • Cost Releases
    • Cost Management
      • Budget code segment variable length** 
      • Copy supplier contract SOV subitems to main contract** 
      • Excel payment application templates** 
      • Spread markup value in owner change order** 
      • Visual enhancement to payment application document templates
  • Project Management Releases
    • RFIs | Comment on and export RFI's on mobile
    • Submittals
      • Built-in stamps 
      • Reference tables in detail reports
    • Schedule
      • Desktop connector schedule update improvement 
      • Importing activity codes/outlines from Asta Powerprojects 
      • Labor resource filter in iOS 
      • View references in iOS
  • Quality & Safety Management Releases
    • Photos
      • Add RFI reference to photos 
      • HEIC format compatible
    • Issues | Filter enhancements
  • Admin / Standardization Releases
    • Admin
      • Filter account members
    • Library | Archive functionality
  • Data and Intelligence Releases
    • Dashboards | Custom and shared dashboards to executives*
    • Data Connector | Markup data
    • Reports
      • Forms detail report
      • Pushpin thumbnail in detail reports

* = features on both Autodesk Construction Cloud unified platform & BIM 360
** = features in both Autodesk Build & BIM 360
*** = features in both Autodesk Build & PlanGrid
**** = Autodesk Docs feature (available across all unified products)
***** = features in both Autodesk Build and Autodesk BIM Collaborate



Document Management Releases

Files | Access to project files on mobile – This release allows Autodesk Build users to access all project files from an iOS mobile device (Android coming soon) and creates a consistent permission experience from both web and mobile. Project Admins can set permissions via the web to any ‘Project Files’ folder. Teams using the PlanGrid Build mobile app can now access any folder they have permissions to from a mobile device without having to save to the ‘For the Field’ folder. While on a mobile device, teams can then select which folders they want to download as well as which folder they want to set up to sync automatically.

Files | Public link to landing page for files – When sharing multiple files publicly, members can now click “Share all”, previously “Copy all”, to populate one URL for a landing page with all selected Files. This reduces the number of URLs needed to share and provides one landing page to simplify collaboration. 

Files | Search and filter by Review workflow status* – Available to all projects in BIM 360 and Autodesk Construction Cloud, members can utilize the search bar to query Review workflow statuses. They can also use the filter panel to filter for the same search. Retrieving workflow statuses reduces manual searching. 

Reviews | Add Workflow Bar to Review Detail page – Listed at the top of the Review Detail page, the new Workflow Bar details the progress and steps of the selected Review. This makes it easier to quickly understand and review progress status and follow up with the appropriate team members.

Reviews | Export log of Reviews [coming soon] – Members can export a summary log of Reviews by either clicking “Export All” or refining their criteria through filters. This allows for a more selective list based on status, workflow type, initiator, next action, and start/end dates. 

Reviews | Save unfinished workflows as drafts – When creating a new workflow, members can save unfinished workflows as a draft, reducing duplication of work and time. All required fields do not need to be filled for the draft to be saved.

Markups | Filtering on web – In Markups on web, members can now view a list of all markups on a sheet and apply sorting filters to that list. When selecting one or multiple markups, the viewer pans and zooms into the selected markup(s). This filtering affects both the list and viewer as well as the ability to filter out automatic hyperlinks. Photos and Issues are not included in the markup list. 

Cost Releases

Cost Management | Set variable length for budget code segment** – To support irregular segment structures when setting up budget cost segments, Autodesk Build and BIM 360 Cost Management users can now choose Variable Length for the segment's number of digits.  

Cost Management | Copy supplier contract SOV subitems to main contract** – Copy supplier contract SOV subitems into the main contract SOV items after a budget payment application. This is optional and allows the Owner to see a detailed breakdown update in their payment application identical to the supplier SOV.

Cost Management | Excel payment application templates** – To further support flexibility, Microsoft Excel based document templates can now also be used for payment applications if preferred to Microsoft Word. 

Cost Management | Spread markup value in owner change order** – When selecting Fixed Price in the Main Contract setup, the system now spreads change order markup values over normal cost items. For Owners with collaborative access, the markup summary section isn't visible in their view. 

Cost Management | Visual enhancement to payment application document templates** – The document templates have been updated to include additional rows in the payment details table, allowing users to define hierarchy and the parent node background color or font. This will increase the visibility of summary items within the generated payment application 

Project Management Releases

RFI | Comment on and export RFIs on mobile – Autodesk Build users can comment on and export RFIs on their mobile device ensuring that all project stakeholders can collaborate in both the field and office. 

Submittals | Built-in stamps – Now, users have even more options to annotate submittals directly in Autodesk Build. Users can leverage the built-in stamps to create a stamp and annotate submittals, streamlining the workflow and ensuring all submittals adhere to project guidelines.  

Submittals | Reference tables in Detail Reports – When creating a Submittal Detail Report, Autodesk Build users will now see all references listed in a table within the report, ensuring stakeholders have access to all relevant information. 

Schedule | Desktop connector schedule update improvement – Schedule users with either manage or update permissions can now use the desktop connector to update schedules from Microsoft Project or Asta Powerproject. 

Schedule | Importing activity codes/outlines from Asta Powerprojects – Schedule tool now imports and surfaces the activity/outline codes for Asta Powerprojects to help users quickly search and find activities by crucial information.

Schedule | Labor Resource filter in iOS [coming soon] – iOS users can now filter schedule information by Resource information coming from the imported file, making it easier to find the right information faster. 

Schedule | View references in iOS – iOS users can now view schedule references created in the web, giving them additional insight into elements that affect schedule activities. 

Quality & Safety Management Releases

Photos | Add RFI reference to photos [coming soon] – Members can now add an RFI reference to a photo, in addition to the existing options of Assets, Forms, Submittals and Sheets 

Photos | HEIC format compatible [coming soon] – Autodesk Build members can now attach the HEIC file format–the default image type for iPhone photos–directly into the Photos gallery, streamlining the process and saving time. 

Issues | Filter enhancements [coming soon] – With Issue Filter Enhancements, Autodesk Build members can find the information they need faster. Members can filter by multi- and sub-locations on both mobile and web as well as by custom fields and status on mobile. 

Admin/Standardization Releases

Admin | Filter account members – Within Account Admin in the Members tool, Autodesk Construction Cloud platform users are now able to filter members based on default company, default role, status, and access level. This saves time and makes it easier to find and sort members across an entire account.  

Library | Archive functionality — Within the account level library, Autodesk Construction Cloud users can now archive components that they are no longer using. This ensures the options in the library are up to date and that teams continue to use the best tools to drive standardization across their projects.  

Data and Intelligence Releases

Dashboards | Custom and shared dashboards for executives* – Both Autodesk Construction Cloud and BIM 360 users with executive overview permissions can now create and share customized dashboards through the Executive Overview area of Insight. This enables executives to better leverage and configure integration partner cards and share them, as well as create specific boards for purposes that align with their key metrics or company goals. 

Data Connector |  Markup data [coming soon] – Autodesk Construction Cloud users can now extract Markup data using the Data Connector as well as leverage an updated Document Management Power BI Template. This gives teams more visibility into how teams are marking up documents by looking at the number of markups per sheet or project, percentage of markups that are published, and team members who are top markup creators.   

Reports | Forms Detail Report [coming soon] – Members can create and schedule a Forms Detail Report from the Reports feature. They can customize reports to include Assets and Forms in addition to the pre-existing reference options. All Forms Report types (PDF, Excel) can now be tracked in the web-based Reports module. As well, members can now preview PDF reports on mobile. This ensures all project stakeholders have access to all necessary information.  

To see the full list of our latest updates across all Autodesk Construction Cloud as of January 2022, please read this blog post.


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