30 New Autodesk Build Releases You Should Know  


Our customers are at the heart of every product enhancement we make and new feature we release. And we can’t wait to join some of our customers in real life at next week’s Autodesk University in New Orleans (we hope to see you there, too!). We’re also excited to share some of our latest and greatest updates for Autodesk Build today.  

Below, you’ll find 30 new releases for the month. Scroll down or skip to the workflows and features you and your team care most about:    

  • Highlighted Releases
    • API | Issues API GA 
    • Cost Management | Performance Tracking* 
    • Cost Management | Compliance* 
    • Document Management | Reality Capture Models | ReCap 
    • Files | Mobile Model Functionality Enhancements 
    • Submittals | Review Templates in Custom Review Workflows 
  • Admin 
    • Location | 2D Areas 
    • API | Location Nodes GA 
  • Closeout & Handover 
    • As-Built | Additional Export Details 
    • Assets | Model Based Workflows 
  • Cost Management 
    • Cost Management | Expense Custom Approval Workflow* 
  • Data & Intelligence 
    • Reports | Column Control Account Cost Reports   
    • Reports | Non-Admin Report Creation [coming soon]
    • Reports | Photos Control 
  • Document Management 
    • API | Sheets CRUD API   
    • Bridge | Deactivate / Reactivate Automations 
    • Markups | Linked Markups on Mobile (Sheets) 
    • Reviews | Add "In Review" Status*   
    • Reviews | Edit Active Reviews   
    • Templates | Account Published Templates 
  • Project Management  
    • RFIs | Reports Improvements 
    • RFIs | View Uploaded Files on Mobile 
  • Quality  
    • Forms | Project Templates Level Permissions  [coming soon]
    • Photos | Saving Photos to Device Gallery 
    • Templates | Account Published Templates
  • Schedule 
    • Schedule | Version Management
    • Schedule | Version Comparison 
    • Schedule | Activity Version History
  • Transmittal 
    • Transmittals | Include Subfolders in Folder Transmittals   
    • Transmittals | Export Summary Report of Multiple Transmittals*  

*=features in both Autodesk Build & BIM 360 

Highlighted Releases  

API | Issues API GA  

Members can leverage the Issues API to create, update, and retrieve information about all the issues in a project including designated root causes, comments, attachments, references, and custom fields. 

Cost Management | Performance Tracking*  

With the new Performance Tracking toolset in Cost Management, contractors who self-perform can analyze productivity and cost data in ‘near’ real-time to gain clear visibility into the potential risk of schedule delays and cost overruns to enable accurate forecasting.. 

Read more about the feature in our blog. 

Cost Management | Compliance* 

Teams can now create a list of specific compliance document requirement attachments for contracts and cost payment applications. This ensures all required documents are included upon submission, speeding up the approval process 

Document Management | Reality Capture Models | ReCap  

Reduce rework and improve closeout documentation with digital representations of existing conditions. Using reality capture methods like laser scanning or photometry, project teams can capture real-world characteristics to be used in virtual design and construction. ReCap mesh files can now be saved as NWC models in Autodesk Construction Cloud for model coordination, issue resolution, recording precise measurements, providing comprehensive closeout documents, and more. 

Files | Mobile Model Functionality Enhancements 

On the mobile app, members can now perform model functionalities (i.e., measure, view properties, levels, section, joystick, etc.) on all file types, including DWGs and 2D RVT files. This functionality enables Autodesk BIM Collaborate and Autodesk Docs members to utilize a whole new set of workflows in the field.  

Read more about the feature in our blog. 

Submittals | Review Templates in Custom Review Workflows  

Save time and reduce errors with the new Review Templates in Custom Review Workflows. Submittal Managers can now pre-define review workflows using templates that can be created from scratch or saved as a template from an existing workflow. 

Admin Releases  

Location | 2D Areas 

Now on web and mobile, project admins can create areas (or 2D locations) in a sheet and associate an issue to that location area. To increase project alignment, non-admin members can view these 2D areas on the new Location tab on a sheet.  

Closeout & Handover Releases 

 As-Built Export | Additional Export Details 

 Users can now include or exclude Forms and Photos in their As-Built export.   

Assets | Model Based Workflows  

Gain greater precision and visibility in asset tracking and commissioning. Model based workflows in the Assets tool in Autodesk Build allows users to easily extract and map asset and equipment information from a model so that teams can start visually tracking assets. 

Cost Management Releases 

Cost Management | Expense Custom Approval Workflow*  

To better manage the review of expenses, teams can create custom single or multi-approval workflows for expenses in Settings. 

Data & Intelligence Releases 

API | Location Nodes GA  

Members on web can seamlessly retrieve, create, and delete Autodesk Construction Cloud location nodes. To learn more about this API, view these Forge resources to retrieve, post, delete, and update nodes. 

API | Sheets CRUD API  

Sheets can integrate with custom and third-party solutions. This API allows your sheets to be accessed outside of Autodesk Construction Cloud products. To learn more about this API, view this step-by-step tutorial. 

Reports | Column Control Account Cost Reports  

Within the Executive Overview of Insight, members on web can now customize the columns to hide or change the order on the Budget Project Overview report to show only the relevant information. 

Reports | Non-Admin Report Creation [coming soon]
On web, non-admin members can now create a report in the Reports tool. Previously, non-admins can only create reports in the workflow tools (e.g., Issues, RFIs, Submittal). This new permission improves consistency for non-admins to create reports across the tools.

Reports | Photos Control  

Members on web can now toggle on/off the photo references and change the number of photos displayed in a row for all detail reports in the Reports tool. The includes Issue detail, RFI detail, Submittal item detail, and Form detail reports.  

Document Management Releases  

Bridge | Deactivate / Reactivate Automations  

Members on web can now temporarily stop sending or receiving content across hundreds of automations. This allows members to pause a specific automation without having to delete it from the account and recreating it from scratch. 

Markups | Linked Markups on Mobile (Sheets)  

On mobile, members can now create and remove linked markups, and find references through precise backlinking. This allows members to complete more workflows, such as generating an RFI from the field or adding a link to a relevant drawing or file 

Reviews | Add "In Review" Status*  

Available in Autodesk Docs and BIM 360 Docs, members on web now see a new review status and link when their files are under review. The link allows members to quickly access the file that is or was attached to the review. It is important to note that files already in review before this release may not have this functionality.     

Reviews | Edit Active Reviews  

On web, admin members can now make changes to an active step of a review, such as change the reviewer(s) and the due date.  

Project Management Releases  

RFIs | Reports Improvements  

Customize RFI reports with cover pages, table of contents, and more.  

RFIs | View Uploaded Files on Mobile  

Get a clearer understanding of RFI details using references on mobile. Mobile users can now view all uploaded files to an RFI, including files uploaded to the project folder and in the RFI directly, making it easier to make decisions wherever they are. 

Quality Releases 

Forms | Project Templates Level Permissions  [coming soon]

Promote standardization across projects through Form Permissions in Project Templates. When creating Form templates within a Project Template, teams may now add member roles as contributors, reviewers, and managers. When a project is created from a template, team members assigned to these roles will automatically populate when a form is generated.  

Photos | Saving Photos to Device Gallery  

Ensure site photographs are saved while in the field. Now, when taking photos in the PlanGrid Build app, photos will also be automatically saved to your device gallery.  

Templates | Account Published Templates  

Now on web, account admins can enable project templates to be available at an account level, allowing members (who have the permission to create a project) to now access these templates. This expands the availability of preset project templates to more users within an account, driving standardization across broader teams. 

Schedule Releases  

Schedule | Version Management 

Users can now set version names, add a narrative, and choose a distribution list when updating newer versions of a schedule. This notifies key stakeholders to draw their attention to specific details regarding the new updates while keeping logs to easily refer to in the future. 

Schedule | Version Comparison 

Users can now visually compare up to five different versions of a schedule to quickly identify changes in activities including activities delayed, forwarded, new activities added, along with any name changes. This makes it easier for users to identify and consume changes in a faster, more efficient manner.  

Schedule | Activity Version History

Users can access version history within the activity panel to see how a specific activity changed between different versions giving additional insight to easily identify trends. 

Read more about all our latest Schedule tool updates in our blog. 

Transmittal Releases 

Transmittals | Include Subfolders in Folder Transmittals  

Now when members transmit a folder, the metadata within the subfolders is also included. This removes any disconnect in the data, improving the member’s product experience.  

Transmittals | Export Summary Report of Multiple Transmittals*  

Available in Autodesk Docs and BIM 360 Docs, members on web can export a summary report of multiple transmittals. The metadata of documents within each transmittal are included in the report.   

To see the full list of our latest updates across all Autodesk Construction Cloud as of September 2022, please read this blog post.    

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Jadie Fanganello

Product Marketing Manager, Autodesk Construction Solutions