Behind the Build: Interview with Adam Engelbrecht, Technical Support II at Baker Triangle 

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Technology makes it easier to handle projects effectively and efficiently. Yet, improving technology usage has not always been a high priority in the construction industry. Now, we’re seeing a paradigm shift where construction teams are embracing technology for its ability to increase visibility and communication in the field.

Adam Engelbrecht, Technical Support II at Baker Triangle, is taking the lead in handling this influx of technology and all its capabilities. We recently spoke with Adam about his journey into the industry, his goals at Baker Triangle, and the future of construction.  

First, tell us about Baker Triangle and where your specialties lie.

With more than 1,600 employees in seven offices across Texas, Baker Triangle has successfully completed projects in more than 20 states. Everyone at Baker Triangle is committed to leveraging technology, maintaining an excellent safety record, and continually innovating to improve our services and the projects we help build. 

Our multi-scope approach can allow a single point of contact and coordination throughout the lifespan of the project. Our well-known and award-winning Drywall/Acoustical work is just the beginning, also offering Plaster and automated Window Treatments. Our Prefabrication Division, led by Keith Giddens, is quickly becoming a star in the Texas Market, saving time and money as well as increasing the safety of our greatest asset, our employees.  

Everyone at Baker Triangle is committed to leveraging technology, maintaining an excellent safety record, and continually innovating to improve our services and the projects we help build. 

As I approach my 9-year mark with Baker, my overarching goal is to reduce costs while increasing the adoption and integration of technology.

Walk us through your career and what led you to become Tech Support II.

When I joined Baker Triangle I knew that I had found my place to build a career in the construction IT industry. Being a part of the Baker Triangle family has been the most rewarding time in my career.

Our Director of Technology, Cameron Cranford, has empowered me to work on some of Baker Triangle’s most impactful technology projects, from full-scale mobile device deployment to building a standardization directive for PlanGrid and other software. 

What is your proudest accomplishment in your career at Baker Triangle?

Implementing new technology while cutting costs.  

As construction evolves, how do you see your role changing? 

IT is becoming more hands-off within the construction industry. As a younger and more tech-savvy generation enters the field, less of our role in the day-to-day support is necessary. As technology saturates the industry, many functions of our role get more accessible to the end-user to support themselves.

Speaking of Autodesk Construction Cloud products, what excites you most about implementing Autodesk Build over the next few months? 

Autodesk Build is bringing some new features to the table with assets, scheduling, and progress tracking. I believe these features (among others) will greatly increase our project visibility from Field to Office. 

What are your plans to advance innovation and productivity at Baker Triangle when you think about the future? 

The balance between culture and production will always be at the forefront of my mind. Finding technology that can increase production, communication, and visibility gives me the opportunity to share the Baker Triangle culture I value so much with each project and the employees it affects.

What advice would you give to the next generation of talent preparing for the industry's future? 

My advice is: don’t be afraid of working hard. Don’t assume that anything will come easy. Learn as much as you can from the ones that came before you. 

Loyalty is the most important thing I’ve seen in this industry. 

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