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Technology Showcase: The Ultimate Fusion 360 Workstation

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    A fully optimized computer case was designed, validated, and manufactured using Fusion 360 integrated workflows. The enclosure serves to showcase various Fusion 360 technologies including Electronics Cooling Simulation, Generative Design, Generative Fluid Design, Additive Manufacturing, and Netfabb integration. Join us and learn how each one of these connected workflows contributes to the overall design and performance of the workstation. Our journey begins with the basic design and layout of the workstation and attempts to address common industry shortfalls. Advanced Fusion 360 technologies enable us to investigate novel designs for the internal case structure and flow-optimized ductwork, and then validate them with powerful, accessible simulation tools.

    주요 학습

    • Learn the basics of desktop workstation design
    • Explore relevant industry applications for generative design
    • Preview new technology: generative fluids
    • Validate electronic cooling performance with Fusion and CFD