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Sheet Metal Like a Pro with Fusion 360

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    When it comes to making sheet metal parts, there are distinct and complex issues that you run into. Solving those issues are unique to the software that you are using. Last year, Fusion 360 software added sheet metal tools to its already large assortment of tools (such as CAM simulation, and so on). In this class, we will explore some complex sheet metal components and how the Fusion 360 sheet metal tools can be used to address these complex features like extended flanges, punch tools, and complex flanges. From there, we will complete the process by creating a flat pattern and using it to make a drawing.

    주요 학습

    • Learn how to create, modify, and apply Sheet Metal Rules in Fusion 360
    • Learn how to use the flange tool to create faces and flanges
    • Learn how to create a cutout across multiple faces
    • Learn how to build a flat pattern and use it in a drawing