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Modeling and Simulating Electronics Cooling in Fusion 360
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This class will try to give an introduction to the new features within Fusion 360 software regarding electronics cooling simulation. A real model can be simplified in Fusion 360, and then taken through the whole workflow of setting it up, running simulations, and analyzing results. The class will also capitalize on the other capabilities from Fusion 360, to combine the design optimization with Fusion Mechanical simulation and Generative Design in Fusion 360.

주요 학습

  • Discover how to use Fusion 360 to create, modify, and simulate real industrial designs.
  • Discover the simulation setup workflow in Fusion 360 for electronics cooling.
  • Learn the process of fixing constraints and making decisions based on simulation results.
  • Learn how to capitalize on other Fusion 360 tools like Fusion Sim and Generative Design to complete the design optimization cycle.



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