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Have an Enterprise Business Agreement? Learn How to Capitalize On Your AutoCAD Cloud Usage.

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    In the current professional world, collaboration in the cloud and the ability to work anytime from anywhere are essential. Many forward-looking organizations are adopting modern, insightful, and connected ways of working across their main workflows. Don't get left behind! In this talk, we will discuss how our Enterprise Business Agreement customers can capitalize on the AutoCAD web app and AutoCAD mobile app within their existing agreement and token usage. We'll showcase examples from various industries of successfully adopting and integrating AutoCAD cloud-first offerings. You will learn how to optimize your portfolio, get insights from your usage patterns, and incorporate the AutoCAD web and mobile products into your teams' daily work. At the end of this talk, you'll be able to help your business use AutoCAD software to go to where the puck will be, and not stay where it was.

    주요 학습

    • Learn how to capitalize on the AutoCAD web app and mobile within your existing EBA.
    • Discover how businesses in various industries successfully incorporated AutoCAD cloud software into their workflows.
    • Explore how to manage the token usage within your EBA to optimize your portfolio.
    • Get inspired by new ways to maximize your efficiency and effectiveness in the new normal using AutoCAD.