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Developing an Execution Plan for Scan to BIM

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    The quality of a scan-to-BIM (Building Information Modeling) model can vary, depending on the surveyor, instrument used, field conditions, and especially the requirements specified. There are, however, no industry standards templates available to follow. This class will focus on the essentials for developing a scan-to-BIM execution plan, starting from providing and clarifying scope of work to defining LOD requirements. There are a lot of potential risks that we need to identify and highlight when picking up a scan-to-BIM job. We will discuss some of these cases with project examples. Basic tools like Revit software, ReCap software, and Navisworks software can help us through this process of visualizing model mistakes and getting a quality product. We will learn several tips that can assist us while facing the quality control of a model replicated from a point cloud. Those tips will also help us locate where the focus should go in each case.

    주요 학습

    • Discover requirements for a scan-to-BIM job.
    • Learn how to define and set standards for level of accuracy and level of development.
    • Learn about QC workflows using Revit templates and Navisworks.
    • Learn how to save time in handling and modeling from large-size point clouds.