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Best Practices for the Transition to Named User

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    This session is for administrators who are transitioning to named user. Learn how to take full advantage of new features such as bulk import, import to assign, single sign-in, product usage reporting, and more. Get key tips for user management, licensing, and activation from Autodesk Account product managers so you can be a more efficient Autodesk administrator. You will be equipped with a better understanding of what’s changed, how to best switch your users from multi-user to single-user, and how to use the new experience to your advantage so you can speed up your workflow. Attendees will leave the session ready to make the most of the constructive insights, relevant user experience, and efficient collaboration that comes with a named user subscription.

    주요 학습

    • Discover the new features and how you can use them to manage single-user subscriptions efficiently.
    • Learn how to differentiate between the before and after of what’s changed.
    • Learn how to apply management tips shared by Autodesk Account product managers.
    • Get your burning questions answered in our question-and-answer segment.