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Virtual Design Reviews in VRED Using Ray Tracing and Remote Collaboration

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ビデオ、プレゼンテーション スライド、配布資料のキーワードを検索する:


    Design review sessions are an essential part of product development for everything from automotive to architecture to manufacturing. It is essential to bring together stakeholders and experts from all disciplines—including design, engineering, and manufacturing—early in the design process. Visualizing prototype designs in VRED software in real time has been invaluable in discovering potential issues and delivering better products on a faster cycle. We have developed a set of design review tools implemented in Python inside of VRED to enable work sessions to be more effective and create a documentation trail for concrete decision making without resorting to as much physical prototype construction. Using ray tracing, VRED can enable reliable review of design details, especially glass, mirrors, and metals. Real-time remote collaboration enables participation from far-flung departments around the world without requiring travel. This session will explore case studies and demonstrate these capabilities.


    • Learn how to implement collaborative design reviews in VRED using built-in tools and best practices to improve creative process.
    • Learn how to activate GPU and CPU ray tracing functions in VRED and use compute cluster resources to deliver best quality and performance.
    • Learn how to design workflows for virtual design reviews between design, engineering, and business management.
    • Learn how to create new design process to improve quality and reduce cost.