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Successful Digital Transformation Through a Product Management Organization

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    Where many firms have seen challenges to remain successfully “connected” in the last year, McKinstry saw opportunities to advance its digital transformation by maximizing its product management organization (PdMO). As a full-service solution provider, McKinstry combines best practices from construction and manufacturing industries to support all phases of the building lifecycle. Through its PdMO, McKinstry is accelerating digitization of its diverse businesses in design, manufacturing, construction, and operations. While PdMO is rather unique to McKinstry, other architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms can apply product management practices to support their own digital-transformation strategy and business goals. Learn how PdMO as a strategic organization helps to drive digital transformation, ensure alignment between the technical road map and business needs, and measure the impact of technology. Understand PdMO’s framework for innovation to implement new technology on live projects with minimal business disruption.


    • Discover how PdMO enables more agility and adaptability to meet the needs of an evolving market and converging industries
    • Learn how to develop and implement product road maps to prioritize and manage a portfolio of cross-enterprise initiatives
    • Discover best practices for change management to ensure you meet the needs of the business without distracting them
    • Learn about how an industry-agnostic approach enables application of best practices and lessons learned across industries