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How Barton Malow uses BIM 360 and AI to “Build it Safe-No Exceptions

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    Barton Malow, ranked by ENR in 2019 as one of the 50 largest U.S. contractors, is a general contractor and construction management firm that has been in continuous operation for almost a century. Safety is fundamental to Barton Malow’s mission. Testifying to that commitment, it proudly displays a logo that proclaims: “Build it Safe—No Exceptions.” With an impressive safety record superior to the industry average, Barton Malow continues to maintain an ongoing commitment to safety improvement. In this case-study-format class, you'll hear from Barton Malow's leadership about how they applied BIM 360 software as well as Autodesk partner to implement a safety program, and how it was adapted for COVID-19. We will show specific examples of AI for computer vision (e.g., social distancing detection), BIM 360 dashboards, and more, including statistical benchmarks for COVID-19 responses across the country.


    • Learn how to use concepts of continuous improvement to reduce project safety risk.
    • Discover how AI can help identify areas of project risk.
    • Benchmark your COVID-19 response with industry peers.
    • Learn how BIM 360 dashboards can contain partner data.