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Hack the Vault Job Processor

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    Out of the box, the Vault job processor is a great way to keep your data updated. The job processor can update visualization files, create PDF files, and synchronize properties. The job processor also has many limitations. This course will show you how to hack your job processor through custom jobs to enable more-granular control of your design automation tools. Learn how to create a custom job-processor job, interact with the jobs by setting priorities for different job types, query the job queue, and add or remove jobs to the queue. With this additional functionality, you'll be able handle different types of files separately and take control of your Vault.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the out-of-the-box limitations of the job processor.
    • Learn how to create a custom job and configure it to run.
    • Learn how to employ the extended capabilities available with the Job Processor API.
    • Learn how to develop your processes further using the design automation capabilities of the Vault job processor.