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Drawing Automation with API and New iLogic Snippets in Inventor 2021

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    Autodesk added more iLogic snippets in the latest version of Inventor software to make drawing automation easier. This class will teach you how to prepare 3D models to easily automate the creation of drawings. Learn how to use the new iLogic snippets to automate different annotations such as dimensions, leaders, balloons, and more. In addition, you will discover when you should go beyond drawing automation capabilities with iLogic, and start using the Inventor API in this process. Finally, you will identify the right approach to automate your Inventor drawings.


    • Learn how to prepare a 3D model before automating a 2D drawing.
    • Discover the new iLogic snippets to automate 2D drawings in Inventor 2021.
    • Discover the differences between iLogic and Inventor API when automating 2D drawings.
    • Learn how to determine the best approach to automate your drawings.