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Seven Steps to Building the Ideal Lifecycle

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    The ideal lifecycle is possible. Everyone can manage change the way they want—and, in fact, they do. Because, the way you manage files now, regardless of whether you like it or not, is what you choose to do. To move past the basics of file management into the area of drawing revisions, approvals, security, and advanced property management, you need to deal with lifecycles. In this class, we’ll look at Vault lifecycles and help you decide which is the best course of action. This class will introduce you to the powerful tools that are available in Vault Workgroup and Vault Professional for revision management, approval workflows, and engineering change orders (ECOs). Learn how categories are used to control the flow of your data and how versions and revisions are intertwined. We’ll also cover how to apply different revision schemes and how to initiate and track change via a change order.

    Principaux enseignements

    • Learn how to configure lifecycle definitions.
    • Learn how to apply state changes.
    • Learn how to apply security settings.
    • Learn how to manage revisions.