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Digitizing Coventry University Estates using Autodesk tools and Retro BIM
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We will showcase Coventry University Digital Campus while describing the tools, including Autodesk software applications, that have been used and the processes that led to achieve it. We will discuss challenges encountered on the journey of digitizing Coventry University Estates and updating building information from paper-based to CAD and BIM (Building Information Modeling); the information management processes; management of systems and the integration developments; retrospective intelligent modeling of existing buildings and the creation of a virtual campus model; soft landings and handover challenges; computer-aided facility management; common data environments; systems and digital campus achievements with the solutions that helped to unravel the value of BIM for the university as an owner to streamline facilities management and buildings operation and maintenance.

Key Learnings

  • Learn about retrospective modeling and the challenges of digitizing existing and historic buildings.
  • Learn about digitizing the Estates and the information management processes.
  • Discover the wider application of BIM and systems integration for facilities management.
  • Discover the vision for a smart campus.



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