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Automatic Checking of Your BIM 360 Models

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    With almost a million downloads worldwide, the Autodesk BIM interoperability tools—which include the Model Checker for Revit software—have become the industry standard in reviewing Revit models. This tool is now available for your BIM 360 models! Built on Forge, the Model Checker on Forge tool can review all your models and generate reports on their compliance with the checks you define. Whether pass/fail, counts, or lists, you can view the check reports individually and easily put them into a Microsoft Power BI dashboard. Model Checker lets you select multiple models and define schedules, and, of course, it runs automatically in the Autodesk cloud. This session will be a thorough study of this amazing new tool, including how to use it and tips and tricks.

    Principaux enseignements

    • Learn about model checking your BIM 360 models.
    • Discover ways you can build your own custom checks and model checking tasks.
    • Learn about the details of using this new tool.
    • Discover tips and tricks.