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My First Digital Twin: A Real-Time Rendering Story

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    The complexities around digital twins are usually enough to make most tech enthusiasts in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries think twice before embarking upon their use. From setting up IoT hubs and sensors to linking them with intelligent models and hosting them in client-facing experiences, the concept can be daunting. However, developments in gaming engines and their innate customization and ability to craft a story and experience mean that they are fast becoming great tools in the creation of digital twins. In this talk, we will look at the steps and stages involved in creating a digital-twin experience using the Unreal Engine game machine, in addition to showcasing industry case studies. We will break down the steps, from linking models from packages such as Revit software and 3ds Max software, to connecting to simple sensor data and visualizing the output. Here we explore the toolset and process required to help you embark on your own first digital twin.

    Aprendizajes clave

    • Learn about the ecosystem and different components of building a digital twin.
    • Discover use-case examples of digital twins within the AEC using Unreal Engine.
    • Through a “Hello World” example, explore the creation and connection to IoT data from within Unreal Engine.
    • Learn quick tips and steps to create a digital twin UI experience to share.