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Building Massively Scalable CAD Configurators for the Manufacturing Industry
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CAD software requirements are drastically changing from the traditional use of desktop-based software usually consumed by the design department. Demand for cloud-based CAD web apps (also consumed by non-technical executives) is increasing. In the class, we will see how the Forge platform and various cloud infra providers can be utilized together to create modern-day vertical CAD configurators as per the specific need of each organization. Based on stats and test cases, we will demonstrate how a serverless CAD configurator can scale up massively to address the peak-hour needs of industry while staying low on budget. We will explain how Forge services can help us to bootstrap our applications and reduce the development time to as few as just three months, and bring down the development cost substantial.

Aprendizajes clave

  • Learn the basic concept of CAD configurators and the benefits.
  • Learn to create CAD configurators using the Forge platform.
  • Learn how to analyze the time and cost effectiveness of solutions built on Forge and various cloud-computing platforms.
  • Select appropriate computing services from various cloud platform.


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