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BIM and GIS Integration: Panel Dialogue on Innovating Projects into Operation

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    Over the last several years, BIM (Building Information Modeling) and geographic information system (GIS) integration has seen tremendous growth on multiple fronts: extending GIS data to design applications, consuming BIM directly into GIS, and visualizing these data connections in new web experiences that can be shared with entire project teams or operations. While these have enabled some organizations to realize new business insights that support better decision making throughout an asset’s lifecycle, others have not yet unlocked these potential benefits. In this panel discussion, hear from several industry experts on how their organizations are strategically enhancing delivery using BIM with GIS and driving stakeholder engagement. Learn about the information management standards they implement to make meaningful connections between systems. Hear their views on the powerful intersection of detailed asset data with location for insights, and where they plan to head next to build and maintain a more sustainable world.

    Aprendizajes clave

    • Discover the problems that BIM and GIS integration solves in projects and operations?
    • Learn how to measure improvements in access to information.
    • Learn how these concepts and workflows better engage your teams and stakeholders.
    • Discover what data and metadata standards are necessary to make such an initiative successful.