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Automated Resource Leveling and Scheduling at LAIKA
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To manage the ever-increasing complexity and collaboration in the creation of physical assets for LAIKA's hybrid stop-motion/CG features, a Shotgun-based integrated browser workflow was developed that enables automated resource leveling and scheduling in a centralized system accessible to the entire studio. Highlights include a new custom charting application that integrates with the existing Shotgun infrastructure, as well as the use of Consilium Technology (recently acquired by Autodesk), a new, machine-learning-based, automated resource-leveling system that effectively balances and assigns resources. Together, they turn a time-consuming and error-prone manual leveling process into a fast and automated procedure that generates an accurate, adjustable, easy-to-communicate schedule.

Aprendizajes clave

  • Learn how to create a data model representing work for a project.
  • Learn how to balance a schedule's resource usage using Consilium.
  • Learn how to design effective visualizations of schedule data.
  • Learn how to make regular updates to a department's schedule for the duration of a project.



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