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Autodesk and Aurigo: Digitizing Construction and the Future of ConTech

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    Autodesk is committed to helping the construction industry realize the value of a fully connected digital platform across design, plan, build, and operate phases. Autodesk and Aurigo partnered to develop the most comprehensive set of cloud-based solutions for public and private owners. Aurigo’s integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud will provide owners a single technology platform for their entire program-design-plan-build-operate lifecycle. This session will showcase the Masterworks connector to PlanGrid as well as give a sneak peek into the soon-to-be-released product for owners.

    Aprendizajes clave

    • Learn how Autodesk looks at strategic partnerships in the construction space.
    • Discover which companies have been working alongside Autodesk in partnership, and the benefits working together is providing.
    • Learn how the partnerships will help you evolve your technology strategy for construction.
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