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Februar 28, 2018

Immerse Yourself in the Possibilities for MR in AEC

VR? AR? It’s all MR, and it’s all changing fast. With advances in hardware and software happening continuously, new applications become possible for a range of industries—especially AEC. AU offers a wealth of useful content on this rapidly developing technology. For starters, Jeff Mottle returned to AU Las Vegas in 2017 to host another gangbusters panel focused on the state of mixed reality for design visualization today—and where it’s headed over the next few years. With a panel that includes experts, creative directors, technologists, and designers, this AU session is a great way to take the... MEHR LESEN >
Februar 20, 2018

Generative Design Jump Start: Content to Move Your Career Forward

Generative design—it’s when the computer not only assists in creation, but actually gets creative, generating thousands of solutions to requirements and goals you set. And it’s changing the game for designers, architects, and makers of all kinds. Check out this short video introduction to get the basics. Have you been seeing it in the news? We have. It’s making headlines in both manufacturing and architectural circles, as In the Fold reported. Generative design is still in its infancy, so now is the time to adapt your skills and get the jump on what’s ahead. Here’s some great AU content to get... MEHR LESEN >
Februar 15, 2018

What’s Trending at AU Online: February 2018

Want to know what your colleagues and peers are learning at AU online these days? Check out the sessions that have been attracting the most attention recently. Fusion 360 101: Introducing Fusion 360 Speakers: Phil Eichmiller, Bryce Heventhal, Aaron Magnin, Joel Palioca There’s a first time for everything, including using Fusion 360. MEHR LESEN >
Februar 12, 2018

AI at AU—Get Up to Speed on Artificial Intelligence in Industry

Artificial intelligence—AI to its friends—has been making headlines in a major way over the past few years, with everyone from Amazon to Google to Microsoft to Facebook doubling down on their development efforts and companies of all kinds increasing investment. The folks over at FastCo recently talked to experts in the field to get their predictions for AI in 2018. The word is that, this year, AI will become more accessible, more understandable, and more empowering for designers, architects, and makers of all stripes. MEHR LESEN >
Januar 31, 2018

How Not to Train Your Team - The 7 Deadly Sins

Corporate trainings—the good ones can boost productivity, collaboration, and profitability for your entire company. But there are so many ways to do corporate training wrong. Donnie Gladfelter and Jason Kunkel’s top-rated AU 2017 class looks at all the biggest and most common mistakes and then shows you how to overcome, remedy, and avoid them. From defining the education mission statement to aligning curriculum with learning styles, learn from 2 instructors who have developed dozens of successful training programs for thousands of employees.   Watch Overcoming the 7 Deadly Sins of Cor... MEHR LESEN >