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Ready for Anything—How NYCs creative super-studio ‘the Artery’ was formed, and how they tackle incredible, challenging projects, using Autodesk Flame

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    <p>In the fast-paced New York postproduction world you never know what challenges will arise. Every day is different. Every project has a unique set of problems to solve&mdash;it&rsquo;s all just another day in the life of the best of the best visual artists in the world. In this session, founder and director, Vico Sharabani, shares his approach to the creative &amp; the technical, balancing business &amp; art, within a career in Media &amp; Entertainment that touches Automotive, Manufacturing and Architecture (Football stadiums actually!)</p>

    Wichtige Erkenntnisse

    • Discover various industries that Autodesk serves converging.
    • Go behind the scenes of the post production process.
    • Learn about the complexity of challenges Flame artists manage daily.