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Combining Live Action into Your Grand CG World

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    Through Maya software, we can solve the limits of digitally shooting both on-set and recreated environments so that the initial ideas can come to life. Whether it's recreating a museum for Missy Elliott or the Staples Center for rapper Cal Scruby, Maya has played an essential role in making these ideas happen. This class will show you how the speaker placed the live-action talent into new environments, and how those environments were built from the ground up. You will see what went into creating the interior of the Staples Center from scratch—including modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering—and how the artist was placed inside with the camera sweeping all around. You will also see how we overcame some obstacles on Missy Elliott's latest music video, "Cool Off," by digitally recreating a museum.

    Wichtige Erkenntnisse

    • Learn how to build photorealistic environments.
    • Learn how to combine live tracked data into CG.
    • Learn how to render out using Arnold.
    • Learn about delivering for clients in the music video world.