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Autodesk Construction Cloud Meets GPT: A Knowledge Revolution

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    In the post-pandemic era, organizations grapple with a dynamic workforce, making knowledge transfer a significant challenge. This fluidity necessitates that knowledge is not only stored effectively but also promptly retrievable when required, given the constant influx and outflow of personnel. Autodesk Construction Cloud, with its unlimited storage capability, is aptly serving as a robust knowledge vault for Sunway, enabling the firm to overcome this hurdle. The Autodesk Construction Cloud Files feature allows us to search keywords within contents, a strength we've capitalized on to maximize its utility. Today, we're pushing boundaries further by integrating Autodesk Construction Cloud with ChatGPT via OpenAI API. This integration embeds our files into vectors, forming the foundation for a Q&A system. This groundbreaking approach signifies a knowledge revolution, ensuring seamless knowledge transfer and accessibility, regardless of workforce dynamics.

    Wichtige Erkenntnisse

    • Compare traditional and Autodesk Construction Cloud-enabled knowledge management.
    • Learn about Sunway's use of the keyword search in Autodesk Construction Cloud Files.
    • Explore the integration process of Autodesk Construction Cloud and ChatGPT via OpenAI API embedding.
    • Learn how to implement a Q&A system using Autodesk Construction Cloud and OpenAPI ChatGPT integration.