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Let us help you take that First Step in 2023

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Take the first step in your career

We are pleased to announce our graduate initiative again in South Africa. First Step in your Career was created to support newly graduated future engineers.

Our volunteer-based program includes technical training, interview techniques, help with preparing a CV and one-on-one mentoring. It is sufficient to meet the application requirements and register to for the webinars mentioned below. There are 4 webinars in 4 different headlines, we advise you to attend all. Please remember to make sure to register separately for EACH webinar. You will receive a separate log in for each webinar via email.  and join them all differently. You will receive separate emails for each webinar.     

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Program overview

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  • New generation design training with Fusion 360
  • Interview techniques and resumé preparation
  • Guidance sessions with industry professionals
  • 1:1 Mentorship

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Registration criteria

  • Graduated in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 or will be graduating in 2023Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, industrial design, manufacturing design, mechatronics engineering or aeronautical engineering.
  • Not currently employed or not employed in your dream job.

Register now

Note: In order to be able to attend 1:1 mentorship calls you need to complete Fusion 360 Technical Training. And in order to be able to attend to the Technical Training, you need to attend and complete at least 2 of the webinars.

Registration Deadline: 7th February 2023, 04:00 PM

  • What a Manager Wants?

    8th February, 05:00 PM

    Success in any job requires that you understand what a manager requires from you and how to prepare for it. In this webinar you will be able to ask all our guest speaker any questions related to how to navigate difficulties in the job interview and what to expect once you're employed. You will learn what you can do to be a step ahead.

  • What an Employer Wants?

    9th February, 02:30 PM

    The employer has the final say in recruitment processes. You will learn how to prepare for job interviews and what an employer expects and looks for in new recruits. It's an opportunity to ask questions and gain insights to what an employer looks for in new hires.

  • What a Recruiter Wants?

    10th February, 05:00 PM

    When searching for a job, the role of the recruiter is key. In this webinar you will gain insights to the process of recruitment, how you should be preparing your CV and job interviews from the perspective of a recruiter. Our speaker will share tips on steps to take and how to prepare.

  • Motivation for Job Seekers!

    13th February, 05:00 PM

    Looking for your first job can be hard and challenging. Motivation is so valuable and this webinar is here to support you, help you appreciate your potential and use it to land that job! You will learn how to be confident and brave. We invite you to share your experiences with our guest speaker and any questions you may have.

Mentors and speakers

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Richard Hansen

Managing Member, Bolt Engineering

Richard Hansen has invested in the engineering industry for 20 years, 12 of which are in his business, Bolt Engineering, in Durban, South Africa. He's deeply passionate about innovative design, manufacturing processes and Fusion 360.

Cindy Norcott

Motivational Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Philanthropist, The Robin Hood Foundation

Cindy’s passion is to see people reach their true potential and it is her mission to pass on her unstoppable passion for life and business. Cindy has presented more than 1000 motivational talks to audiences around South Africa over the past 20 years. Her presentation style combines practical advice, wisdom, and humor that leaves her audiences inspired.

Robert Burnie

Global Engineering Standards/Drawing Office Manager, AECI

Robert joined AECI Mining Services in 2008 as a Project Manager in the Strategic Projects Department. He has an Industrial Engineering qualification and also completed the AECI Senior Management Development Program. His experience is in high volume production, asset care, all facets related to both workflow and process improvement projects and resource/finance management. In both project and cost centre environments. He is currently the AECI Mining Solutions Drawing Office Manager and his portfolio includes Mechanical Design and Drawings, 3D Modelling, E&I Drawings and Engineering Standards. His focus has always been to empower team members and to provide the required tools and resources to ensure that optimal results are achieved. To better achieve these results mechanisms such as a well-established QMS, mapped out business processes and procedures and SMART goals are utilised to ensure that the team delivers OTIF.

Comments from candidates, speakers and mentors who have taken the First Step in their career

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    "First of all, I would like to thank the Autodesk Turkey family for organizing such a program. I think the most important thing that the program added to me is perspective and vision by listening to people in different positions. This program is very valuable and meaningful. In particular, I would like to state that I can support as much as I can for the development of this voluntary program in the following periods."

    Burak Uzuntas, ITU - Ship and Marine Technology Engineering

  • "In my interviews as a professional coach, I always realize that individuals forget themselves. When we remember ourselves, “potential” also emerges spontaneously. It was one of the meaningful experiences in my life to see the hope, search and belief in a group of young engineers and to be able to help them understand that their potential is not limited to the current situation. Thank you for inviting me to this program."

    Kemal Başaranoğlu, Professional Certified Coach & Harvard Business Review Author

  • "It was a great experience to guide newly graduate's career path. I believe we impacted their job-seeking process."

    Faruk Kayın, Autodesk - Regional Marketing Manager, ABM

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Fusion 360

Access enterprise-grade technology and services and only pay for what you use with Fusion 360 (US Site), our integrated cloud-based design and manufacturing platform.

Whether you need CAD or CAM, electronics or simulation, rendering or documentation, Fusion 360 (US Site) can be configured to your team size, applications, and workflow for seamless collaboration across your entire product ecosystem, so you spend more time on innovation than iteration.

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General Information

For more information about the First Step In Your Career Programme, feel free to contact us at