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Spencer Hardcastle

Customer Advocacy Manager, Fusion 360 Engagement

Spencer graduated from the Loughborough University, UK with a Master’s degree in Automotive Engineering. He’s held several roles throughout his career, including Applications Engineer at Delcam prior to the acquisition by Autodesk to now managing customer advocacy at Autodesk closing the gap between customer success and the success of Fusion 360.

James Mann

Customer Advocacy Manager – Design

James holds a master's degree in manufacturing and mechanical engineering from the University of Warwick. With a background in the design of industrial equipment within the food industry, he brings his expertise to the table as a modeling specialist. James has recently joined Autodesk, driven by his commitment to enhancing the design capabilities of Fusion 360 and ensuring an unparalleled experience for all our customers.

Peter Champneys

Research Engineer, Fusion 360

Peter is a manufacturing expert based out of the Autodesk technology center in Birmingham focusing on subtractive and additive manufacturing. A former innovator in residence at Pier 9, he works closely with customers to help them implement and apply emerging technologies such as additive manufacturing and generative design. He has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Sheffield (UK).

Richard Hammerl

Electronics Community Specialist, Fusion 360

Richard is a mechanical engineer with more than 20 years of experience in the electronics sector. As one of the long-time experts for the now standardized PCB design software EAGLE, Richard became a well-know face in the PCB industry in Europe maintaining close ties with manufacturers and clients. His experience and expertise led him in helping integrate PCB design and mechanical CAD. Providing PCB designers and mechanical engineers with better functionality, fewer errors, and shorter lead times.

Kieran Gill

Technical Consultant, Fusion 360

Manufacturing Process Specialist for the Customer Engagement Organization based out of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. I currently help by educating, demonstrating, innovating, and validating our processes for customers to make sure our customers can truly "Make Anything" using Fusion 360.

Jacob Weinstock

Customer Advocacy Manager – Design

Jacob ensures that customers' experience in Fusion 360 is enhanced by building customer relationships and providing feedback to development teams. Jacob has a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering Design from the University of Manchester and a strong background in the product development process.