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New Study Reveals Why Manufacturers are Moving to the Cloud

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Detlev Reicheneder

Sr. Director Industry & Business Strategy, Design & Manufacturing, Autodesk

Detlev has over 28 years of manufacturing and technology industry experience, including 19 years at Autodesk. As senior director at Autodesk, Detlev is responsible for design and manufacturing industry strategy worldwide, market development, and thought leadership.

Alex Clemente

Founding Managing Director, Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

Alex Clemente is the founding managing director of Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, an independent research unit within Harvard Business Review Group, that conducts research and comparative analysis on management challenges and emerging business opportunities for corporate sponsors.

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We sponsored research by HBR-AS to understand how companies are finding their way forward with greater flexibility and resiliency in the manufacturing industry.

The pandemic significantly disrupted the culture and daily operations of manufacturing companies around the globe. Yet amid the challenges, many manufacturers found opportunities to hit the fast-forward button on several fronts, from designing remote work arrangements to using cloud in new and different ways to support that work.

In a recent survey of 318 manufacturing respondents by Harvard Business Review Analytics Services (HBR-AS) 86% say cloud technologies are a critical component of their operations today. 90% say that employees are in favor of a hybrid or remote work environment.

During this webinar, HBR-AS Managing Director, Alex Clemente, will share more findings from this survey in a lively discussion with Detlev Reicheneder, Senior Director of Industry and Business Strategy, Design and Manufacturing at Autodesk.

Join these industry experts for insights into real-world experiences shaping manufacturers’ strategies, including:

  • When using cloud technologies can be a competitive differentiator
  • Ways to overcome organizational obstacles
  • Reprioritizing goals to launch new digital workstreams
  • Lessons learned from moving more data to the cloud
  • Contributing factors for surprising gains in productivity, and more