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6 Steps to More Flexible Product Development

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Brian Schanen

Brian Schanen works for Autodesk, Inc., as a PLM/PDM Readiness Program Manager in the Business Strategy & Marketing division. With 18 years of PDM and PLM experience, he is a seasoned speaker, presenting at events such as Autodesk University, One Team conferences, and extensions.

Lee Dodds

For the last 8 years, Lee has helped customers address their business challenges using Autodesk solutions. He has a focus on data and process management, as well as the entire product lifecycle.

6 Steps to More Flexible Product Development

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During this webinar you will learn six steps to a more flexible product development process with PLM, including how to:  

  • Gain faster time to value with a phased PLM approach for quick wins and gains 
  • Tailor PLM processes to your organization’s unique needs 
  • Add users across departments and start realizing PLM benefits with minimal friction
  • Collaborate with suppliers, contractors, and customers in a centralized system
  • Integrate other business systems with PLM such as ERP and CRM to increase data sharing 

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Frequently asked questions

Autodesk PLM workflows are flexible so you can tailor them to your own needs. Workflows with industry best practices are provided as a starting point, but you can easily configure a workflow, such as ECOs, to meet your own needs. 

There are third-party licenses that can be used for suppliers/contract manufacturers outside of your company to review information that your company makes available to them. This allows them to collaborate in the RFQ process.

Permission settings allow you to securely control what data and processes people can access and edit based on their roles and privileges.

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