Volker Cocco

AutoCAD Technical Enablement Specialist

Volker has been with Autodesk, Inc., Customer Technical Success since 2011 and has been working with AutoCAD software since 1991. His experience troubleshooting and supporting Autodesk products compliments a background in CAD drafting and CAD management.

Andrew Manze

Technical Marketing Manager

Andy trained as a structural engineer since the 80’s. He has also worked on a variety of novel structural and civil engineering projects, before holding a combination of technical and business development positions, joining Autodesk 10 years ago.

John Sayre

Technical Marketing Manager for Civil Infrastructure

John has been with Autodesk for 9 years and has 29 years of Civil Engineering experience. Prior to working for Autodesk, he was a Civil Application Engineer, teaching the products inside if the AEC Collection.