Spacemaker Webinars

Discover the power of Spacemaker in one of our upcoming or on-demand webinars.

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How to revolutionize your site planning with Spacemaker

In this webinar, we're going to show you how to use Spacemaker to get a complete site plan in just minutes. This web-based tool will help us create a handful of designs to pitch to your client, wherein we have full control over target density as well as environmental challenges such as noise from roads, wind conditions, or outdoor area qualities.

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Introduction to Spacemaker

Join us in a 1-hour introduction to Spacemaker. We aim to show you how you can empower your designs, concepts, and narratives with state-of-the-art analysis.

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Spacemaker Flights | English

Flights are our free training sessions that help Spacemaker customers and enthusiasts to get the very best out of our platform.

Module 1

In Module 1 of 2, you'll be guided by an expert through the setup process, using a real-life site.

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Module 2

For Module 2, we'll be focusing on the more granular features of Spacemaker's capabilities.

Spacemaker Flights | Swedish

Module 1

In module 1 of 2, you will be guided by an expert through the set-up of a real plot.

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Module 2

In module 2, we will focus on the more granular functions in Spacemaker's range.

Spacemaker Flights | French

Module 1

In Module 1, you will be guided by an expert through the process of creating and setting up a real project.

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Module 2

In Module 2, we'll go into detail about the features of Spacemaker.

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