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Intelligent Control of Wastewater using AI

Dynamic, Real-time Data Analysis Provides Actionable Insights for Immediate Response to Process Changes

Industry 4.0 is creating an information-centric workforce by connecting people, physical assets and operational systems. Now, intelligent recommendations based on process data are available via the cloud and hand-held devices anywhere, anytime. Using Artificial Intelligence, especially machine learning, to analyze the data makes machines and devices smarter enabling prescriptive actions based on data-driven predictions while minimizing human intervention.

See how Emagin AI by Innovyze uses machine learning to capture and analyze real-time wastewater process data. We'll get into the specifics on how Emagin AI can enable plant operators to make better and faster decisions about how to most cost-effectively run the system.

Finally, engineers and operators can eliminate the countless labor hours spent chasing the data they need to make critical operational decisions.

Walk away from this webinar recording to gain valuable insights on the following topics:

  • Introduction to Industry 4.0 and Predictive Control
  • How Predictive Control Drives Efficiency and Savings
  • Example Applications and a Real-World Case Study

Who are we?

Innovyze is the global leader in water infrastructure data analytics software, providing enduring support for customer success. More than 3,000 customers in nearly 60 countries use our solutions to plan, design, manage, optimize, and maintain water and wastewater networks and assets.

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Emagin is a cloud-based software solution utilizing real-time operational data and artificial intelligence to improve the efficiency of water and wastewater treatment processes.

"Digital technology solutions will not only help us to understand how the system operates, but the emerging digital technology around artificial intelligence will enable superior operation of this complex system by machines. This will help drive efficiency and reliability across our core systems. We believe this radical new operating model has the potential to establish new efficiency and performance benchmarks for the sector."

- United Utilities, UK

 InfoWorks ICM

Imagine having an accurate digital representation of the natural and constructed elements impacting your sanitary sewer, stormwater, or combined sewer network. With InfoWorks ICM, there’s nothing holding you back.

"We selected InfoWorks ICM for its comprehensive drainage systems modeling prowess. The software will help us develop and validate sound and reliable solutions aimed at best optimizing the operation and performance of our critical sewer infrastructures and protecting property and the urban environment."

- Andrew Hagger, Wastewater Infrastructure Asset & Modeling Strategy Manager, Thames Water, UK

 See what customers are saying.


    Local Authority and Consultant Model Hurricane Impact on City

    See how HDR Inc. and San Antonio River Authority used InfoWorks ICM to model the effects of a 500-year storm event in their city.


    San Francisco Public Utilities Commission uses InfoWorks ICM to Model Combined System

    Developing the City of San Francisco's combined sewer system numerical model came with several overarching challenges to help address these challenges, SPFUC uses Innovyze software, InfoWorks ICM.


    Workgroup Productivity in InfoWorks ICM

    Introduce collaboration to your Integrated Catch Modeling (ICM) capabilities. With InfoWorks ICM, engineering teams can work together to create unified models that are complete and accurate, all within a shared work space.

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