Chapter 7 -- OBJECTS Section

The following group codes are common to all xrecord objects. In addition to the group codes described here, see "Common Group Codes for Objects." For information about abbreviations and formatting used in this table, see "Formatting Conventions in This Reference."

Xrecord group codes
Group codes Description


Subclass marker (AcDbXrecord)


Duplicate record cloning flag (determines how to merge duplicate entries):
0 = Not applicable
1 = Keep existing
2 = Use clone
3 = <xref>$0$<name>
4 = $0$<name>
5 = Unmangle name

1-369 (except 5
and 105)

These values can be used by an application in any way.

Xrecord objects are used to store and manage arbitrary data. They are composed of DXF group codes with "normal object" groups, (that is, non-xdata group codes) ranging from 1 through 369 for supported ranges. This object is similar in concept to xdata but is not limited by size or order.

Xrecord objects are designed to work in such a way as to not offend releases R13c0 through R13c3. However, if read into a pre-R13c4 level of AutoCAD, xrecord objects disappear.