Chapter 6 -- ENTITIES Section

The following group codes apply to point entities. In addition to the group codes described here, see "Common Group Codes for Entities." For information about abbreviations and formatting used in this table, see "Formatting Conventions in This Reference."

Point group codes
Group codes Description


Subclass marker (AcDbPoint)


Point location (in WCS)
DXF: X value; APP: 3D point

20, 30

DXF: Y and Z values of point location (in WCS)


Thickness (optional; default = 0)


Extrusion direction (optional; default = 0, 0, 1)
DXF: X value; APP: 3D vector

220, 230

DXF: Y and Z values of extrusion direction (optional)


Angle of the X axis for the UCS in effect when the point was drawn (optional, default = 0); used when PDMODE is nonzero