Revisions to the DXF Reference

1: DXF Format
  Organization of This Reference

  - Formatting Conventions in This Reference

  Object and Entity Codes

  Group Code Value Types

  Group Codes in Numerical Order

2: HEADER Section
  HEADER Section Group Codes

  - Revised VPORT Header Variables

  - Special Handling of Date/Time Variables

3: CLASSES Section
  CLASSES Section Group Codes

  - Default Class Values

4: TABLES Section
  Symbol Table Group Codes

  Common Symbol Table Group Codes

  - Common Group Codes for Symbol Table Entries










5: BLOCKS Section
  BLOCKS Section Group Codes



6: ENTITIES Section
  Common Group Codes for Entities











  - Common Dimension Group Codes

  - Aligned Dimension Group Codes

  - Linear and Rotated Dimension Group Codes

  - Radial and Diameter Dimension Group Codes

  - Angular Dimension Group Codes

  - Ordinate Dimension Group Codes

  - Dimension Style Overrides


  - ELLIPSE Command's Parameter Option


  - Boundary Path Data

  - Pattern Data












  - Polyface Meshes















7: OBJECTS Section
  OBJECT Section Group Codes

  - Object Ownership

  Common Group Codes for Objects




















  THUMBNAILIMAGE Section Group Codes

A: Drawing Interchange File Formats

  - General DXF File Structure

  - Group Codes in DXF Files

  - Header Group Codes in DXF Files

  - Class Group Codes in DXF Files

  - Symbol Table Group Codes in DXF Files

  - Blocks Group Codes in DXF Files

  - Entity Group Codes in DXF Files

  - Object Group Codes in DXF Files

  - Writing a DXF Interface Program

  Binary DXF Files

  Slide Files

  - Old Slide Header

  Slide Library Files

B: Advanced DXF Issues
  Database Objects

  Persistent Inter-Object Reference Handles

  - Pointer and Ownership References

  - Hard and Soft References

  - Arbitrary Handles

  - 1005 Group Codes

  Subclass Markers

  Extension Dictionary and Persistent Reactors

  Extended Data

  Object Coordinate Systems (OCS)

  Arbitrary Axis Algorithm