Chapter 3 -- CLASSES Section
CLASSES Section Group Codes

Each entry in the CLASSES section contains the groups described in the following table.

CLASSES section group codes
Group code Description


Record type (CLASS). Identifies beginning of a CLASS record


Class DXF record name; always unique


C++ class name. Used to bind with software that defines object class behavior. Always unique


Application name. Posted in Alert box when a class definition listed in this section is not currently loaded


Proxy capabilities flag. Bit-coded value that indicates the capabilities of this object as a proxy:
0 = No operations allowed (0)
1 = Erase allowed (0x1)
2 = Transform allowed (0x2)
4 = Color change allowed (0x4)
8 = Layer change allowed (0x8)
16 = Linetype change allowed (0x10)
32 = Linetype scale change allowed (0x20)
64 = Visibility change allowed (0x40)
127 = All operations except cloning allowed (0x7F)
128 = Cloning allowed (0x80)
255 = All operations allowed (0xFF)
32768 = R13 format proxy (0x8000)


Was-a-proxy flag. Set to 1 if class was not loaded when this DXF file was created, and 0 otherwise


Is-an-entity flag. Set to 1 if class was derived from the AcDbEntity class and can reside in the BLOCKS or ENTITIES section. If 0, instances may appear only in the OBJECTS section

Topics in this section: