Installing AliasStudio


How to install AliasStudio.

How to install:

How to install:

Installation procedures for Windows

To install AliasStudio you must:

  1. Prepare your system and verify that it is qualified to run AliasStudio (System requirements for AliasStudio).
  2. Install AliasStudio and the AliasStudio online documentation and Courseware ( Installing online help and other documentation).
  3. Install a license to run AliasStudio if you are installing new or additional licenses (Licensing Windows).
  4. Start AliasStudio (Running AliasStudio).
  5. After you install AliasStudio, you can easily modify the installation (Adding or removing AliasStudio components).
  6. If you experience any problems, Troubleshooting.

Installation types

Before you begin installing AliasStudio, you must decide which type of installation you will use.

Local installation

In a local installation, the AliasStudio software and a license are on a local computer. A single user at this machine can run AliasStudio.

In this type of installation a node-locked license is used. It enables you to run AliasStudio on one particular computer. This computer must have an Ethernet ID or hardware lock.

License server installation

In a license server installation, the AliasStudio software is installed on multiple client computers and the licenses and the application server software are installed on a server.

For this installation a floating license is used. It allows anyone on the network to use the licensed software, on as many machines as you have purchased licenses for. For example, if you install five licenses on your server, up to five machines on the network can run the licensed software at any one time.

You choose one machine on your network to act as the server for these licenses. This server machine needs either an Ethernet ID or a hardware lock. All other machines must be able to connect to and receive their license from this server.