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The design-led revolution manifesto

We can change the world through design

Every movement needs a manifesto. We’re sharing the statement below to show you why Autodesk supports the design-led revolution, and why we hope you’ll be a part of this growing movement. The design-led revolution manifesto expresses a vision of what design can be, and how collaborative design can change the world. We invite you to share it.

We create as if lives depend on it.
Billions do.

We embrace the limits of our planet.
We can provide so much more while using so much less.

We take on the epic challenges of our day.
There is no more important brief and we have the tools to help us.

Unintended consequences are no longer beyond our control.
We see systems and how they impact each other.
We test and evolve before committing to any solution.

Cooperation has overtaken competition.
We create with everyone, leaving out no one.

Together, we’ll design a world in which 9 billion people live well and
live within the limits of our planet.

This is the era of design
where human intention, empowered by technology, is re-shaping everything

The manifesto at work

Every day, designers are embracing the principles of the design-led revolution and putting them into action. These forward-thinking creators are influencing the future of sustainability practices and helping to provide more for people while demanding less from the planet.

Franz von Holzhausen of Tesla Motors tells why his work inspires him in this case study.

"Coming to Tesla was really about getting much more engaged in saving the planet, but it’s also been a story about being more responsible to our neighbors.…"
Franz von Holzhausen
Tesla Motors
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In this case study, Maksym Rokhmaniiko tells how the Hunts Point Revival project fueled his goal to use design to help others.

"I have set the vector for my career—I want to design, I want to develop ideas that can be of use for as many people as possible."
Maksym Rokhmaniiko
Hunts Point Revival
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Craig Richmond of Nexus eWater talks in this case study about his work to help people use water and energy more wisely.

"We are committed to encouraging people to think about using water and energy more wisely, so we don’t have to produce more of it."
Craig Richmond
Nexus eWater
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