Installation for individuals

Run and authenticate your software

When you first run your software, you'll probably be able to use it right away. That's because authentication of your product takes place automatically. Normally, there's nothing more to do to activate your software.


However, in some cases, you may see a Let's Get Started window asking for information about your license. You are asked to select between three options to identify your license type and provide related information.


Here are the three options presented by Let's Get Started. The exact wording depends upon the product version.

  • Sign in with your Autodesk ID, or Single-user, or Sign in. To select this option, just sign in to your Autodesk account at
    Note: Make sure the Autodesk ID you’re using has been assigned to a license by a primary or secondary admin. If not, request an admin to give you access. To learn more, see User management overview.
  • Use a network license, or Multi-user. Select this option if your software is stored on a network of computers. You may be asked for more information about your network license. 
  • Enter a serial number. Select this option if you received a serial number with your software. You can find your serial number under Products and Services in Autodesk account.


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