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Automotive Studio of the Future

Learn about the future of automotive design and Autodesk solutions to deliver a level playing field of technology and quality for car manufacturers.

What is the Automotive Studio of the Future?

Autodesk’s cutting-edge solutions to car and vehicle design help through the entire design process from ideation to realization by offering a suite of tools to capitalize on trends such as VR (virtual reality), photo realistic renders, real-time clay modeling, and more.  Manufacturers are faced with increasing challenges to differentiate themselves within the marketplace.  The ‘Studio of the Future’ is our solution to combat the major industry forces that are reshaping automotive design and production to meet the demands of the customer.

Virtual Design

Virtual design

Leverage virtual or augmented reality technologies to move quickly through the early design phase by conducting immersive virtual design reviews connecting and interactive with design teams anywhere in the world in real-time.

Generative and emotion led design

Generative design uses AI to explore and generate multiple design solutions based on real-world manufacturing constraints and product performance requirements.  This presents you with many design alternatives you wouldn’t have thought of on your own generated by a single idea.

Generative and Emotion led Design
VRED - Enterprise wide visualization

VRED – Enterprise wide visualization

VRED is an important part of Autodesk’s Studio of the Future that produces photo-realistic renders of your design with the highest levels of visual fidelity.  VRED provides a consistent and seamless visualization experience for every stage of the pipeline.

What is the benefit of Autodesk’s Studio of the Future?

Autodesk’s suite of tools will help deliver value across your entire organization.



  • Save costs

    Clay models and visualization technology such as powerwalls can carry a hefty price tag but Autodesk software can cut down on these costs substantially by allowing you to get to the final design faster. 

  • Iterate on design

    Being able to manipulate actual CAD data at scale in VR allows you to manipulate and adjust your designs on the spot to get your final design to market as quickly as possible.

  • Collaboration

    No matter how far apart your team is Autodesk provides a collaborative environment that is built for the digital space to seamlessly manage assets and digital files.

  • Creative flexibility

    Software built to provide you all the tools necessary to bring your design to life.  From sketch to production, Autodesk is on the cutting edge of the automotive studio of the future.