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Advanced Manufacturing


Optimize your CNC milling machine usage with automated setup and on-machine verification. Adopt a ‘right-first-time’ approach to manufacturing parts that significantly reduces machine setup time, saves on potential re-work, and maximizes your productivity.

Watch: compare automated vs traditional CNC setup (1:49 min.)

Why automated setup makes sense

Replace your manual, time-consuming workpiece setup with quick, accurate, and repeatable automated part setup to increase CNC milling machine utilization and achieve significant productivity improvements. Automated setup enables you to meet production goals and avoid expensive rework for a fast return on investment in your machines and software. Maximize your existing investments in your high-value CNC machinery and defer capital for future equipment purchases.

CNC automation helps with productivity

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Expand your capacity by maximizing CNC machine utilization and your ROI.

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Replace the highly skilled, traditional time-consuming manual machine setup with automated machine setup.

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Begin machining quicker with the confidence that workpieces are accurately setup.

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Beyond automated part setup you can verify manufacturing part quality at the earliest opportunity.

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Save more time with on-machine verification

Go beyond automated setup with on-machine verification (OMV) to achieve an even faster ROI. Gain significant throughput improvements by further optimizing machine utilization with in-cycle probing that allows you to make informed decisions quickly to avoid scrap or rework. Remove bottlenecks in your manufacturing process by only sending parts to your quality department for final inspection.

Automated setup workflows

  • PowerMill and PowerInspect are used together to enable consistent setups


    Achieve quick, accurate, and consistent setups, and verify part accuracy to maximize your CNC investments.

  • The Fusion 360 machining extension automates part setup and verification


    Integrate design, manufacturing, part setup, and verification to realize the full potential of your CNC milling machines. 

  • PowerInspect and FeatureCAM are used together to create consistent and accurate part setups


    Minimize lost time setting up parts with quick, accurate and consistent setups to maximize the profitability of your machining programs.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

For automated setup and in-process measurement on your CNC milling machines you can choose from these products.

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