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generative design for aec

5 Project Refinery Workflows


1) Panelization Study

Optimize grid designs for constructability, including the total number of panels, panel area, and size variance. The generative design beta, Project Refinery, produces panels that are more uniform, resulting in faster fabrication and installation.


2) Urban planning

Design an urban plaza considering adjacencies of buildings, the number of trees maintained, plaza area, and cost factors. Compare each design based on the plaza area, building area, and trees saved, as well as many other available metrics to explore options with accompanying design data. You can also integrate your designs into Revit to continue the design process.


3) Crane Position Randomization

Create different configurations for crane and truck placement on a construction site, and score each configuration to help analyze the best option.


4) Patterning study

Explore how architects can use generative design in Refinery to minimize the number of panels and panel areas needed in the surface designs they create in Revit.


5) Spatial Truss Optimization

Analyze space truss and platform sizes to create a canopy, score each design on material use, deformation and size of the platform to make informed decisions about the design.